Algorithmic Trading Education for
Retail Traders and Investors

We teach technical, quantitative and algorithmic trading strategies that work for retail traders. Become an algo trading pro, and start today for FREE!

market inneficiencies
Learn how to identify market inefficiencies that can be exploited. This will give your trading strategy an edge.

strategy development
Learn how to design systematic and algorithmic trading strategies based on technical and quantitative analysis.

algorithmic trading
Program your systematic trading strategies in Zorro Trader, using the C and R programming languages.


Algorithmic Trading Educational Courses

Our video courses and tutorials are designed with the retail trader in mind. Here is what makes us different.


Retail Traders

Retail traders, also known as individual traders, buy and sell securities using personal accounts. Unlike institutional traders, they often have capital and technical constrains that can make some algorithmic trading strategies ineffective. The research and implementation processes we teach are designed for individual traders and will work even with smaller personal accounts.



No Prerequisites

We make no assumptions about your trading and programming background. We also make no assumptions about your mathematics and statistics knowledge. You will learn everything you need from scratch in these areas, and it’s probably easier than you may think. We also teach principles of financial theory, quantitative analysis, technical analysis and algorithmic trading systems design.



Free Software

Most of the software we use in our courses is free. Our trading platform is Zorro Trader, which has a free version you can use even for live trading. We also use the R programming language for statistical computing and artificial intelligence. R is also free, and can connect to Zorro Trader. Microsoft Excel is not free, but there are free alternatives. The Python programming language is also free.



Real Education

Our courses provide real education, not just “educational entertainment“ (edutainment). Our goal is to teach you everything you need in order to run a profitable retail algorithmic trading business, not to keep you glued to the screen for hours and hours of questionable quality Youtube videos. In the end, you should be able to live trade and earn a constant income from algorithmic trading.


Not Just Algorithmic Trading

Although our main focus is algorithmic trading, any trader can improve her or his skills by taking our courses. Even if you are a day trader or swing trader, learning about systematic trading strategies development, quantitative analysis, and a few other technical topics can greatly improve your trading skills. And if you are a seasoned programmer, you can learn a lot about trading and finance, and decide if you want to become an algorithmic trader. Here is our value proposition.



Learn about the markets, learn how to program, and learn how to algo trade.



Communicate, ask questions and get answers on our forum.



Collaborate with us, and other fellow algo traders, on our website.

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