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Is Zorro Trader free?

Hi, sorry for the newbie question, but is Zorro Trader free?

Yes, the "basic" version is free. It can do everything you need for taking our courses, and it live trades as well. However, there are some capital and technological differences between the free and paid versions. Please see this page on their website:

We do recommend to get the Zorro S license, if you decide to become a PRO algo trader 🙂

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT making any money if you buy a Zorro S license. It's just honest advice.

So, I need a Zorro paid license for the multi-core version of Zorro Trader? It seems the free version only uses one core of my CPU.

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Algo Mike

Yes, in order to take advantage of the multiple cores and make optimization (and some other tasks) much faster, you need a Zorro S license.